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Summit Investment Research focuses on comprehensive research that reviews current market trends and thoroughly analyzes investment and financing risks for the investment fund. In addition, Summit Investment Research benchmarks individual fund performance against its peer group to provide greater insights into relative performance and risk. An understanding of risk and return is critical to making informed investment decisions and creating an investment allocation that meets the investment needs of your clients.

Compiled data in a colorful page is not only insufficient but dangerous to investors, as the data can easily be misused and misrepresented outside of a detailed research report with insightful and independent analysis. Summit Investment Research provides insight market reports and the most comprehensive products reports on non-listed REITs (both lifecycle and perpetual life REITs), non-listed BDCs (aka lifecycle BDCs),  real estate interval funds, and credit funds to help you make better investment decisions, effectively monitor investment performance, and set appropriate return expectations for your client.


In addition, Summit maintains independence and avoids conflicts of interest with its research. Summit does not allow product sponsors to pay for research for broker-dealers, financial advisors, or investors, as such a practice creates an inherent conflict of interest and violates basic principles of independence. Neither does Summit allow product sponsors to revise or manipulate data or its research reports, which would also be a violation of independence.


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